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Inflatable Fishing Boats

Inflatable Fishing Boats

Inflatable Fishing Boats

We receive numerous questions concerning inflatable fishing boats. The most popular questions are about what kind of inflatable boat to choose and what to take into consideration while deciding on a purchase. That’s why we decided to write a short article about it.
The truth is that each inflatable boat can be called an inflatable fishing boat since you can fish from each one … The basic aspect of buying an inflatable fishing boat is how much we are going to spend on it. The next step is to decide what to buy. Unfortunately, here we need to make it a principle that the more expensive the boat, the better.
After calculating the means we have at our disposal, we need to consider the size of the inflatable boat. The bigger the basin you are going to use, the bigger vessel you need to buy. You need to think of how many people you intend to take along. Before the purchase, you should board the boat and check how much room there is. It is not a problem if we are buying the boat in a shop. In other situations, if we do not get a chance to have a little preview, we may be bitterly disappointed with the size of our inflatable boat.
We also need to pay attention to the material the inflatable boat is made of. The lightest and the cheapest ones are made of oilskin. These are the so called supermarket boats. But do not overlook the small piece of information on most of them that they can be used at the depth of no more than 40 centimeters.
There is also the issue of weight. Everyone wants their inflatable boat to be as light as possible. The truth is that the heavier the boat, the stronger, and, at the same time, better.
When it comes to the floor for fishing, the rule is that the stiffer it is, the better, especially if someone likes to fish in standing position. Standing on a flexible floor for a longer time may be exhausting. The best solution here is aluminum. Other solutions, which are not as good as aluminum, are plywood, or an inflatable mat. Most floors in high-class inflatable boats have an inflatable keel, which is a very important part of each inflatable boat. Not only does it influence the stability of the vessel, but also the way it drives. Before buying an inflatable boat, we also need to pay attention to the number of chambers. To be worth your while, a vessel should have at least 3 chambers. Another issue is the drive of the inflatable boat. If we want to use an outboard, we need to check if it is possible to install it, and what the maximum power should be. I would advise everyone against installing an engine that is more powerful than the producer recommends. You also need to check what the transom (the board on which the engine is hung) is made of. The best solution is laminated plywood which guarantees more resistance to damage and to water. Also check if the producer remembered about the water drains in the transom which should help empty the inflatable boat of water. Moreover, attention has to be paid to details such as the reinforcement of elements running the most risk of damage, e.g. the keel (the middle of the inflatable boat from the bottom) and the fender. The bigger and thicker the reinforcement, the better (producers such as Honda and Yamaha add reinforcing rubber belts at the hind part of the tube). Another thing are benches, their number, construction, and fastening. There should also be a line for holding around the boat and handles for carrying.

Accessories that you should get when buying an inflatable boat:
A pump – the bigger, the better
Boat cover – mind you the workmanship
Paddles – you need to make sure that you check the grips since the poorer quality products often break
Manometer – some producers add this part, but few people use it
Repair kit – a crucial element. Check if it is there, what it contains, and if it is possible to buy another one when the one you get at purchase runs out.
Mooring line.

Do not forget about the warranty card. Find out when it expires, and where you can file the warranty claim to avoid a situation in which you would have to go with your inflatable boat to China. What I personally advise is to check the accessibility of accessories for your inflatable boat. It is obvious that something may get lost, something gets damaged, or that we just need to buy a patch. In such situations, it is better to have the accessories within our reach. Considering this, I recommend well-known brands that will provide spare parts and service. Reliable producers of inflatable boats available in Poland are  Honda, Yamaha, and Zodiak.


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