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eXtreme ribs is a joint venture between Marström Composites and TornadoSport. It combines the 30-year technical knowledge of the Swedish manufacturer of carbon fibre components, and the commercial expertise of the Dutch company in the marine industry. Goran Marström
Marström Composites was founded by Olympic medallist Göran Marström in the early 1980s. The company philosophy is based on the simple desire to build lighter and faster boats. Marström was the first manufacturer to build carbon fibre products using an autoclave.
Dutch Olympic sailor Herbert Dercksen (TornadoSport) discovered the enormous advantages of carbon fibre in boat construction through the Extreme 40 catamaran. Together with Daniel Koene - who worked with ribs for many years, both on the production and the service side - he approached Marström Composites with the idea to build a fully carbon fibre rib. In 2008 the eXtreme rib was born.
eXtreme 40
The eXtreme rib project builds on the success of the Extreme 40, the new generation of mid-size sports catamarans completely made out of carbon fibre laminates. Developed in 2005, the Extreme 40 made its debute in the international racing scene during several stopovers of the 2005/2006 Volvo Ocean Race. In 2007 this so called Grand Prix Racing Series evolved into a European tour, the iShares Cup, bringing the world's best sailors and Formula 1 technology to some of Europe's most beautiful cities.

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