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A common question before buying our equipment, as well as in the time of its possession is  “where we can use it”. I will try our best to answer this question.
Probably most of you know that a large part of the water areas are under protection. There is a zone of silence for them, where you can move units with electric motors, or with a specific power of internal combustion engine. Of course not applicable to such waters for a water rescue, police, fire or fishing. All terms and conditions of the reservoir shall be governed by rules drawn up by the regional governments. Therefore, the best pre-read the rules prevailing in the water body, after which we intend to swim. The most popular destination for lovers of our sport you will find on tutaj
Large area of our country are the rivers, which are often forgotten, yet it is an ideal place for motor-sports. Waterways, we can sail a large part of our country, and even proceed beyond its boundary. Polish rivers are managed by the Regional Water Management. On their site you can find detailed maps of inland waterways mapa
RZGW is divided into 7 areas.. Below you can find links to pages where you can learn about the current state of water and precise map of each region.
RZGW Gdańsk
RZGW Gliwice
RZGW Kraków
RZGW Poznań
RZGW Szczecin
RZGW Warszawa
RZGW Wrocław 

Weather conditions IMGW
In addition to the rivers of water sports enthusiasts can also enjoy the lakes area. Below I mentioned about the most important of them.

Jezioro Dąbie - Województwo Zachodniopomorskie

Jezioro Gopło - Województwo Kujawsko-Pomorskim

Jezioro Grzymisławskie - Województwo Wielkopolskie  (dostępność dla motorowodniaków w różnych okresach)

Jezioro Jeziorak - Województwo Warmińsko-Mazurskie

Jezioro Lubie - Województwo Zachodniopomorskie

Jezioro Lubiszewskie - Województwo Pomorskie

Jezioro Myśliborskie - Województwo Zachodniopomorskie

Jezioro Nyskie - Województwo Opolskie

Jezioro Pakoskie - Województwo Kujawskopomorskie

Jezioro Pątnowskie - Województwo Wielkopolskie

Jezioro Pile - Województwo Zachodniopomorskie

Jezioro Rożnowskie - Województwo Małopolskie 

Jezioro Trzesiecko - Województwo Zachodniopomorskie

Jezioro Turawskie - Województwo Opolskie

Jezioro Wąsosko-Mikorzyńskie - Województwo Wielkopolskie

Jezioro Żnińskie Duże - Województwo Kujawskopomorskie

Zalew Chańcza - Województwo Świętokrzyskie

Zalew Kamieński - Województwo Zachodniopomorskie

Zalew Porajski - Województwo Śląskie

Zalew Szczeciński - Województwo Zachodniopomorskie

Zalew Zegrzyński - Województwo Mazowieckie

Zbiornik Jeziorsko - Województwo Łódzkie


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The biggest advantage of the pneumatic boat is:

Possibility to fold
Nauitical characteristic

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